UX Design Intern, 2018
In my most recent experience, I immersed myself in the automotive industry at BMW Group. I learnt the skills required to design digital experiences. My team was responsible for the BMW connected App. I have spent time making:
1. KeyShot renders of BMW vehicles
2. Sketch App symbol libraries to support our design team
3. After Effects animations of UI concepts
4. UX wireframes and prototypes using Sketch App
5. Apple Watch app UX design using Sketch App
7. UI design of future concepts using Sketch App
I am more than happy to meet in person to share, in more detail the work that I did at BMW.
Part Time Industrial Design / Assembly, 2017-2018​​​​​​
In this role I had the opportunity to shadow one of Australia's greatest young designers. I spent time furthering my understanding of the furniture design process. I accompanied Tom to local manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney; gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of what is involved in the making of premium furniture. I spent time making:

1. Small scale models of furniture concepts
2. Full scale mockups of furniture concepts with foam and cardboard
3. Solid Works models of furniture concepts
4. Engineering drawings for manufacturers
5. Videos capturing the process involved with the manufacturing of a product
Design Intern, 2017
As an intern at Code Club I worked on programming lesson designs for primary school students. I worked through electronics kits that students would assemble and made content to support them. I also made photography and videography marketing content for my team.
Part Time Industrial Design / Assembly, 2015-2016​​​​​​​​​​​​​
In this role I was a part of a team that design and assemble digital advertising units in-house. I spent time with the Industrial Design team as an intern and the assembly team as a junior worker. I learned how to make engineering drawings in SolidWorks of custom components as a communication tool with manufacturers. I was then able to see how a manufactured component fits within a complex assembly of dozens of parts on our in-house assembly line. I practiced my skills in making:

1. Engineering drawings in SolidWorks
2. Scale mockups of parts prior to manufacture
3. Concept mockups using Adobe CC
Part Time Industrial Design / Assembly, 2015-2016​​​​​​
At DesignByThem I was fortunate to work with a small team of experienced designers immersed in the field of furniture. I learnt about the furniture design development process. From working on early concepts in CAD to the final assembly of furniture for delivery to a customer. I practiced my skills making:

1. SolidWorks models of furniture concepts
2. Scale furniture mockups and prototypes
3. Cardboard packaging assets
4. Concept mockups using Adobe CC
​​​​​​​TILT Industrial Design
Student Worker, 2015
After my first year of study, I began my first role in industry. I joined a small, growing Industrial Design team in Sydney specialising in Architectural Installations. I practiced my skills making:

1. Scale foam models of design concepts
2. SolidWorks models of metal components
3. Assemblies of custom workspaces
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